Asthma News

Foster Kids Face Higher Risk of Health Problems: Study
They were even more vulnerable than children in low-income, single-parent families

6 Keys to a Safe, Allergy-Free Halloween
These tips can ease parents' worries and help kids with food allergies or asthma enjoy the holiday

Farm Kids Get Fewer Allergies, International Study Finds
Researchers aim to learn whether early exposure to allergens has a protective effect

CDC: Too Many Antibiotics Still Being Prescribed in U.S.
United Nations to discuss duel problems -- overuse and lack of access

Food Allergies Linked to Raised Risk of Asthma, Hay Fever
Odds rise even higher when kids have more than one food allergy, researchers say

Makeup of Germs in Newborn's Gut May Triple Allergy, Asthma Risk
Study finds abnormality present in 10 percent of kids seems to undermine immune function

COPD Deaths Down for Most Americans: CDC
But rates up for black women and middle-aged people

New Biologic Drug Tackles Hard-to-Control Asthma
Benralizumab significantly cuts respiratory attacks, two trials show

Combo Drug for Childhood Asthma Appears Safe in Study
FDA to review findings, researcher says

Early Virus Raises Asthma Risk in Certain Kids: Study
Infants with a particular gene variant appear more vulnerable after infection