Asthma News

There's Fun and Fitness in the Pool for Asthmatic Kids
High humidity in indoor pools can also help keep airways open and prevent attacks, doctor says

How to Control Mold, Avoid Allergies
Limiting moisture in the home is key, specialists say

Low-Income Kids More Likely to Have ADHD, Asthma
Autism more often diagnosed among children in higher-income families, study finds

Sleepless Nights Linked to Asthma Later in Life
Adults with chronic insomnia 3 times more likely to develop the respiratory disorder, study suggests

Obamacare Boosted Coverage for the Chronically Ill, Study Finds
4 million with conditions like heart disease, asthma gained health insurance

Childhood Asthma May Encourage Obesity, Study Suggests
Fear of flare-ups might spur kids to limit physical activity, specialists say

1 in 3 Adults Diagnosed With Asthma May Not Have It: Study
Almost half did not get objective breathing test, researchers in Canada found

Airway Differences May Explain Why Asthma Can Be More Serious for Blacks
Condition is 2 to 3 times deadlier than for whites, researchers say

Kids' Asthma Flareups Fall Off After No-Smoking Laws
Researchers reviewed ER visits in 20 metro areas of U.S.

Are Heartburn Meds During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma in Kids?
Analysis suggests, but doesn't prove, that these children were one-third more likely to see a doctor for asthma