Asthma News

Asthma May Be Linked to Shingles Risk
Chances of getting painful skin condition 70 percent higher among people with respiratory condition, study finds

Child Asthma Rates Leveling Off, Except Among Poor and Older Kids: Study
Environmental triggers may increase the risk for children in low-income areas, experts say

Asthma Linked to Chronic Migraines in Some People
Study suggests odds doubled for those with the airway disease

Vitamin D Won't Guard Against Colds in People With Asthma
Study showed no difference in number of infections after getting levels of the nutrient back to normal

Implanted Lung Valves Show Promise in Some Emphysema Patients
Study finds more success when stricter criteria used in selecting who gets the treatment

Kids With Asthma, Allergies May Face Higher Heart Risk Factors: Study
Risk doubles for high cholesterol and blood pressure, but danger to any one child is low, findings suggest

Planned Cesareans Tied to Slight Increase in Asthma Risk for Kids
But second report finds countries with low C-section rates had higher death rates for infants, mothers

Health Tip: Easing the Discomfort of Bronchitis
Take steps to help ease coughing

Allergy and Asthma Sufferers Beware as Holiday Season Kicks In
Expert offers tips to cope with seasonal triggers

Certain Antibiotic Might Combat Children's Wheezing Episodes
Kids given azithromycin were less likely to develop severe respiratory illness, study says