Asthma News

Welcome Spring and Still Survive Your Allergies
Specialist offers tips for minimizing seasonal misery

U.S. Medical Groups Sound the Alarm on Climate Change
Altered weather patterns may already hurt your health, nation's physicians warn

Cystic Fibrosis Survival Better in Canada Than in U.S.
Canadians with the lung disease live about 10 years longer on average, study finds

Mite-Proof Bedding May Help Curb Asthma Attacks: Study
Kids whose mattresses and pillows were encased had less severe flare-ups, researchers report

City Tax on Cars Cut Pollution, Kids' Asthma Risk
Traffic measure in Sweden reduced rates of wheezing disease by 50 percent, researchers report

Banishing Asthma-Inducing Mice Allergens on the Cheap
Do-it-yourself approach works as well as professional extermination services, study finds

Can Mom's Vitamin E Head Off Child's Asthma Risk?
Association only significant with type of nutrient found in highest amounts of safflower, sunflower oils

Asthma Much More Lethal for Black Children, Study Finds
This group has 6 times the odds of dying from the illness compared to whites, Hispanics

FDA Approves New Treatment for Dust Mite Allergies
Odactra is a year-round treatment for reactions to the tiny bugs that share your home

There's Fun and Fitness in the Pool for Asthmatic Kids
High humidity in indoor pools can also help keep airways open and prevent attacks, doctor says